Wine Paired With Music

Music, an art form so closely intertwined with human emotion it can be found in every culture around the world. It moves us, inspires us, connects with our emotions more directly than any other sensory experience. This connection now has a word - NOTAVIVA - and we believe that various styles of wines can complement these auditory and emotional connections.

For example, we produce two different styles of dry Viogniers. Our "Vincero" Viognier is fermented in stainless steel for an intense citrus bouquet and crisp light finish. Lively and upbeat, we believe it pairs well with acoustic guitar rock. By contrast, our barrel-fermented "Ottantotto" Viognier is more complex and layered due to several varied yeast selections used amongst the barrels, as well as smoother and softer due to malolactic fermentation. More introspective, we enjoy this wine with solo New Age piano music.

The understanding and enjoyment of fine wine is a lifelong pursuit, and evolves much the same as our musical preferences. Though we may all still occasionally listen to the same music we did in high school (80's metal = guilty pleasures) and drink the same things we did in college (OK probably not...) most people would agree that we eat, drink, view and listen to more varied, interesting and complex things as we move forward through our lives. Our life experiences bring us a greater understanding of the world around us, and that in turn will continue to influence our evolving tastes in wine, music, cuisine, as well as our other intellectual endeavors.

Each year we put this concept to the test by hosting a "Wine and Music Pairing Experience" to celebrate our anniversary on the last Saturday in June. Guests have the opportunity to rate how well various genres of music complement each of five different wines in a blind tasting experiment. We pour you a wine, and tell you nothing about it. Then you listen to ten different tracks of music from a wide variety of musical genres, and have to rate how well each song complements the wine you are tasting. At the end of the evening, we gather up all the rating sheets and calculate the results, and post them on our website for all to see. Check out the results and video interviews from the 2010 event!

It is our goal to open a new door for you in your pursuit of all the world has to offer. The greatest part about pairing wine and music is that everybody is correct in their own beliefs. Your favorite song is special to you for reasons unique to your life. It does not matter if some self-important music critic believes it is the "song of the year" or not. These same thought processes apply to wine as well. So many ask us "what is a good wine?" and we respond "a wine you like!" Again, it matters not if your favorite wine has a 90+ rating in some magazine. If you like it, then open a bottle with friends and create some memories. And if you REALLY like it, hide it away with an old CD to re-discover some years from now. Maybe even some 80's metal...