"I Melt With You" Pear Cider
(available in six-pack bottles to drink onsite or take home)

Like the musical genre that inspired it—slightly out of the mainstream, post-punk, and pre-alternative—this hard cider is edgier with more attitude. 60% pear cider, 40% Sauvignon Blanc and dry-hopped with Citra hops, enjoy this with some spicy fish tacos.  Best paired with 80’s New Wave.

ABV = 4.9%

Residual Sugar = 0.5%


"Django" Pear Cider
(available in draft pints, or four-pack cans and growlers to go)

Let your mind drift to a small club in Paris in the mid-1900s, and imagine you’re enjoying this hard cider with brie topped with fresh fruit, listening to a swing trio while dancing the night away. Best paired with Gypsy Jazz.

ABV = 4.9%

Residual Sugar = 1.0%


"Five & Dime" Spiced Apple Cide
(available in draft pints, or four-pack cans and growlers to go)

Like a slow dance with the one you love, drifting around the floor after closing time in the general store, our spiced apple hard cider evokes visions of small towns, crisp fall evenings, and the sound of two hearts beating as one. Best paired with Americana love songs.

ABV = 4.9%

Residual Sugar = 2.0%