WE ID EVERYBODY. 0 to 150, everybody. Rather than attempt to differentiate who looks over or under a certain age (at the risk of offending people who may be sensitive about their appearance) we have found it simpler and most polite to ask everyone for proper identification. Therefore, you MUST present a valid, current (not expired) form of ID prior to consuming our wines.

Yes, Notaviva Vineyards conducts group tastings between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM during the weekends. We are no longer able to accommodate groups larger than 16 people and all groups must have a pre-approved reservation as we are also no longer able to accept drop-in limos and busses. We DO accept larger corporate groups for business outings, more information may be found on those activities on our corporate events page. More information on our group policy may be found on our group information page.

Yes, Notaviva Vineyards is a working family farm and is family-friendly. That said there is a pond on the property, therefore we do insist both for the safety of your children and our other patrons that you closely monitor your child's whereabouts and behavior.

Please note the large playhouse located behind the winery is for family use only and is not available to the public.

Yes, pets are allowed outside the tasting room and must be kept on a leash. No pets (other than service dogs) are allowed inside due to health department food service regulations.

Yes, per Virginia state law we allow both open carry and concealed carry in a RESPONSIBLE AND DISCREET manner. Ostentatious displays of gun possession will NOT be tolerated. Further, per Virginia state law § 18.2-308.012. "Prohibited conduct" you may NOT consume alcohol while carrying concealed, and our business policy also PROHIBITS alcohol consumption while carrying openly as well. This applies to private citizens as well as off-duty Federal, state and local law enforcement officers. If you want to enjoy our wines, please leave your weapon in your vehicle. We also reserve the right to ask you to return your weapon to your vehicle if it is causing consternation to sensitive patrons or fostering complaints.

Yes, food is allowed in the tasting room and on the grounds, though we insist that you clean up completely after yourselves and leave your table as you found it when you arrived. No outside alcohol.

Yes, though not "certified" we have a ramp up to our south deck, though there is a three-inch high threshold to get inside the door from the deck. There is a doorbell located by the door should you need assistance entering. The male and female bathrooms are spacious however do not currently have assistance bars.

Unfortunately we are unable to allow personal sound systems on our grounds out of consideration for other patrons who may not share your taste in music.

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Yes, we currently ship to Virginia and Florida through FedEx, and require that a person 21 years of age or older signs for the package.