Brookings Institute

Dear Shannon and Stephen,

Thank you so very much for hosting our group yesterday. You made me shine, and I’m so grateful! Everyone had a wonderful time and I’ve received much positive feedback about every aspect of the day – the morning discussion and Stephen’s facilitation, the venue, the food, the wine, the activities – it was a total win! Everyone was fascinated by the music and wine concept and found it very interesting to hear about the genesis of Notaviva, and learn a little about wine making.

You two are quite the success story, and equally important, you have a way of making people feel comfortable and at home in your home.

With thanks and much continued success,

University of South Carolina School of Music

Hi Stephen,
I gave my entrepreneurship students their final today. One question they could choose to answer was, "What did you learn about entrepreneurship from the Skype session with Stephen Mackey?" Here's one student's response:

I was encouraged by the interview with Stephen. Hearing his story about working as a stagehand while studying music at the Univ. of Miami was important to me because I work a lot of stagehand jobs. He made a point that is a valuable one for us as college students. We have to show that we can do small tasks well before we can be trusted with big ones. It was cool to hear how he went from being a stage hand, to live sound, to recording engineer, to video editor, and now the wine business. I think he is a true entrepreneur, showing that no matter what the circumstances are, he can use innovation and hard work to produce a positive outcome.

Thanks again for speaking to my class! I may be traveling to Virginia in June. I'll be sure to stop by Notaviva.