Star Window Story

Stephen Mackey's memoir about the founding of Notaviva Vineyards, "Dream. Build. Believe." tells a heartwarming tale about the inspiration behind the winery's star-shaped window, and its impact on the Mackey's business and personal philosophies.


“Three Christmas Wishes”


I remember Christmases that have gone before

grandchildren gathered 'round

Their bright-eye innocence and impish grins

where love and laughter abound


If I could have but a single wish

in my memories it would be

To add each year more joyous thoughts

of Christmas with my family


I see the Christmases we share today

our family draws closer together

More precious than the gifts we give

are the feelings we have for each other


If I could have but a single wish

in my lifetime it would be

For the world to share a peaceful night

on Christmas with my Family


I dream of Christmases that have yet to come

when our grandchildrens' grandchildren appear

In the light of the dawn 'round the tree they will scurry

the beauty from my eye draws a tear


If I could have but a single wish

in my passing it would be 

To become a star and forever shine

at Christmas upon my family


Copyright (c) 1989 Stephen W. Mackey