What is Notaviva?

NOTAVIVA is the intrinsic effect of music upon human emotion.

From the Italian:

nota - music note
viva - with life

The original goal was to design a word that could capture the rush experienced when your favorite song comes on the radio, and the reflex as you reach for the volume? What causes the sadness when a love song brings back the memories of a long-lost romance? Explain the tingle on your skin during the finale of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, or the tear in your eye during Puccini's "Nessun Dorma."

That connection, that “feeling you get when you hear your favorite song” is Notaviva.

Our goal in the founding of our farm winery and brewery is to capture those feelings and instill them in our beverages. Be it joy or sadness, we endeavor to create beverages that will connect our patrons with their occasions. From our “Vincerò” Viognier (best paired with acoustic guitar rock) to our “Waves of Kilkee” Irish Blonde Ale (best paired with the music of Cherish the Ladies) to our “I’ll Melt With You” dry-hopped pear cider / Sauvignon Blanc blend (best paired with 80’s New Wave) our beverages shall seek to convey a wide range of emotions to enhance the enjoyment of the entire experience.

wine beer paired with music 

Back Story

Notaviva was conceived September 28, 2002 by the husband and wife team of Stephen and Shannon Mackey. Stephen and Shannon were brought together by their love of music, which prompted early careers in professional audio and emerging media technologies. You can learn more about their story on our Meet the Crew page and read their full memoir at Dream-Build-Believe.com published by Mascot Books.

An Authentic Virginia Family Farm

Stephen & Shannon currently reside on the farm with their three boys Tristan, Duncan and Ronan, their three dogs Wolfie, Oreo and Jojo, their cat Merida, as well as 14 ducks and 12 chickens. In addition to their farming pursuits they are avid gardeners and enjoy providing homegrown meals for the table from their land. Active in the community, they are involved in their sons’ Boy Scout Troop, volunteer for sports teams as coaches and board members and contribute their talents to several non-profit organizations.